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Name RFHP Registration Number Town/City Contact
Beverly Atkin-Smith s23635 Nottinghamshire
David Guy s29605 Nottinghamshire
Stella Stynes s35020 Nottinghamshire
Tina Every s62735 Nottinghamshire healthcleanse@hotmail.co.uk
Linda Lancashire s77033 Nottinghamshire Linda.lancashire@ntlworld.com
Georgina Wyld s77543 Nottingham
Dawn Ireland s140735 Giltbrook, Nottinghamshire dawn@dbireland.co.uk
Norma D Burton s85578 Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire
Susan A Dennis s85497 Nottinghamshire susandennis2000@yahoo.co.uk
Angela Jones s152170 Bulwell, Nottinghamshire angelajones32@hotmail.co.uk
Louise Caroline Langley s61612 Mansfield Nottinghamshire louise.langley@hotmail.co.uk
Sharon Reynolds s118141 Mansfield Nottinghamshire info@mansfieldfootcare.co.uk
Heather Turner s85858 Nottingham heather_buxton1@yahoo.co.uk
Martina Smith s79445 Nottingham smith_neil18@sky.com
Sherree Jones s227054 Nottingham shereejones29@hotmail.com
Pritchar Thepot v150955 St Ann's, Nottingham pritchar_fan@yahoo.co.uk
Sarah J Beadsworth s211536 Nottingham sarah.beadsworth@ntlworld.com
Joanne Clarke s235692 Nottingham joanne.clarke@partnershipsincare.co.uk
Craig Mochrie s247773 NOTTINGHAM craigmochrie@gmail.com
Emily Leigh s257169 Worksop/Nottinghamshire elfoothealth@outlook.com
Elaine Archer s261688 Nottingham elaine.archer0115@hotmail.co.uk
Karen Flint s263216 Nottingham thesoleroom29@yahoo.com
Rebecca Cross s271620 Nottingham rebecca.cross78@hotmail.co.uk
Laura Jane Bartham s271885 Nottingham laura.3716@gmail.com
Mark Douglas Brent s269418 Carlton, Nottinghamshire cribbage3943@gmail.com
Karen Thorpe s272050 Nottingham missklt_9@outlook.com
Jenny Timms V157198 Selston, Nottinghamshire. jenny4nails@hotmail.com>
Sarah beadsworth S211536 Arnold Nottingham sarah.beadsworth@ntlworld.com
Deborah Cummins s275121 Worksop - Nottinghamshire debroah.cummins@sky.com
Jean Brooks s286924 Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire area pedimaine@gmail.com
Veronica Cooksey S293997 Nottingham & Surrounding areas vron1967@gmail.com
Catherine Bones s293230 North Nottingham cateathome@outlook.com
Lyndsey Parnell s297556 Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire info@yourfeetfirst.org
Dave Marshall s297558 Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire info@yourfeetfirst.org
Nav Kaur s290284 Nottingham nav_94@hotmail.co.uk
Karen Baker S278107 Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire counties karenbaker5056@yahoo.co.uk
Janice Gibb s305363 Nottingham janice.gibb@rocketmail.com
Deb Triffitt A134343 Nottinghamshire, Groby & Surrounds Dtfoothealth@gamil.com
Lota Mochrie A318412 Nottingham lotamochrie@gmail.com
Nicola Pezaro A326141 Nottinghamshire/chesterfield nicolapezaro@gmail.com
Gina Rose A326907 Nottingham & surrounding areas ginarose1@hotmail.co.uk
Joanne Johnson A348619 Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire
Claire Marcham A332461 Caiverton Nottingham clinicalfootcarebyclaire@yahoo.com
Christopher Vickers a356979 Leicestershire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire cvholistictherapies@gmail.com
paula Edmunds 3298305 Nottingham pedmunds1969@hotmail.com
Leihan Kilday A353793 Pleasley, Nottinghamshire leihan@sky.com
Vicki Spence a332097 Nottingham amethyst.vickispence@hotmail.co.uk
David Milligan a351617 Nottingham davidmilligan26@gmail.com
Donna Bailey Soft soles - Nottingham a308329 Nottinghamshire https://www.facebook.com/SoftSolesNottinghamshire
Rebecca Whyke RW41655 MANSFIELD, Nottinghamshire rebeccawhyke3@gmail.com
Ilze Vitko a331931 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire ilzetimule@gmail.com
Natasha Corcoran a357105 Nottingham natashacorcoran@mail.com
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